Father Cleaning Shotgun Kills 10-Year-Old Son

A father cleaning his shotgun killed his 10-year-old son in a horrific accident. Authorities state that Christopher Stanlane of North Carolina accidentally shot his son in the head.

Stanlane, age 34, was reportedly polishing his gun when it fired unexpectedly. The bullet hit his 10-year-old son, killing him almost instantly. Stanlane’s eight-year-old daughter, who was also in the room, was unharmed.

As reported by NBC News, the father immediately put the gun down and moved his daughter to another room. Stanlane called 911, but, when paramedics arrived, 10-year-old Christopher Jr. was already gone.

The Robeson County Prosecutor has not decided whether charges will be filed against Stanlane. The father maintains that he was cleaning his shotgun and killed his 10-year-old son in a terrible accident.

As reported by SmartGunLaws.org, CDC data reveals 3,800 accidental shooting deaths in the US between 2005 and 2010. Of those, 1,300 were under the age of 25. The US General Accounting Office has determined that loading indicators or child-proof safety locks could have prevented over 30 percent of the incidents reported.

Ammoland offers several safety measures to prevent accidental shootings in the home. They suggest that guns should be kept out of the reach of children, preferably locked in a safe.

Additionally, they suggest that all gun owners follow simple gun safety rules such as removing ammunition when not in use, not touching the trigger, and making sure to only point in a “safe direction.”

Robeson County Sheriff’s Sergeant Eric Gavaghan states that it is important to make sure weapons are unloaded before cleaning. He reminds gun owners that owning a weapon is a big responsibility.

Gavaghan contends that guns do not kill people. It is his belief that lack of experience and training are far more dangerous than the actual guns.

The sheriff’s department investigation of Stanlane in the shooting of his 10-year-old son is still ongoing and Sgt. Gavaghan declined further comment about the case.

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