'My 600-LB Life' Leneatha Reed Update: See What Happened After The Mississippi Mom Left The Show

Nathan Francis

Even before she came to My 600-LB Life, Leneatha Reed had some national attention on her weight-loss journey.

Back in the fall of 2018, the Mississippi woman topped the scales at 626 pounds and made a promise to turn her life around, vowing that she would lose 451 pounds to get down to 175. The 39-year-old decided to share her attempt to lose weight with the world and her workout routine captured viral attention, leading to an appearance on Good Morning America.

As Reed explained at the time, she had lost mobility and wanted to turn her life around for her family. She complained about not being able to do everyday things like going to the movies.

"Even right now, I can't go to the movies because I can't sit in the chair," she explained. "I went to see Black Panther when it came out and I was so embarrassed and ashamed because I had to place a chair in the handicapped section."

But Reed didn't have an easy path, leading to her appearance this week on My 600-LB Life. While she had many of the same mental hang-ups that people featured on the TLC docu-series have as they start their weight-loss regimen, she seemed to come on to the show with unusually high dedication. Reed was seen going to the gym and working with a personal trainer, noting during the episode that her strength and stamina were improving.

It's not clear if Leneatha was able to lose any more weight since leaving the TLC series. Her public Facebook page does not have much in the way of updates, and there is no noticeable progress for her since leaving the show. So while it isn't known whether she's dropped any more pounds since filming ended, Leneatha did have an upbeat attitude toward her weight-loss journey.

"Loving the beautiful woman I am and where God is leading/taking me!" she wrote in a post from late last year. "So much hurt and pain in my past but I looked beyond my rear view mirror and focused on my windshield....my future is bright and I'm ready!"