Tina Turner Is Reportedly Engaged, Could Be Late April Fools’ Gag

Tine Turner is reportedly engaged

According to a report from a Swiss publication, music legend Tina Turner is engaged (no, not to Eric Clapton).

Turner will marry her longtime partner, music producer Erwin Bach, in a ceremony which will take place at Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Chefs Rico Zandonella and Horst Petermann from Rico’s Kunststuben (Turner’s favorite restaurant) are reportedly on board to cater the event.

Swiss publication Blickoriginally reported the news. A date for the ceremony hasn’t been revealed, an neither Turner herself nor her people have commented on the issue. A rep for the 73-year-old merely offered “no comment” when approached by WENN.

Given the huge surge in celebrity April Fools’ Day pranks today, and the inability to get any confirmation outside of Blick, we honestly don’t know what to think of the rumor, so take it with heaps of salt grains. You have to be pretty skeptical of any unconfirmed piece of news released on April 1, after all.

If it’s true, This will be Turner’s second marriage. She was previously married to Ike Turner in 1962. The couple’s extremely tumultuous marriage ended in divorce after 16 years.

Turner met Bach in 1985 while he was working at EMI. They’ve been living together in Zurich for over 15 years, with Turner finally renouncing her U.S. citizenship in January. “I’m very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here. … I cannot imagine a better place to live,” she said of her decision to renounce.

Are you a fan of Tina Turner? What do you think of the rumors of her engagement to Erwin Bach? Given that it is April Fools’ Day, do you think it could be a prank? Sound off!

[Image via: fattkatt, Wikimedia Commons]