Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Sports Tight-Fitting Purple Leggings & Targets Booty In Latest Home Workout

Ashleigh Jordan delighted her 3.4 million Instagram followers on Thursday, April 9, when she posted a home workout video that featured her cat.

For the workout, the fitness model wore a white sports bra with cutouts along the back that left a strip off her toned tummy exposed. She paired the top with high-waisted light-purple leggings that clung to her sculpted legs and backside and highlighted her narrow waist. The gym buff forwent footwear for the home workout and instead wore only a simple pair of white socks. Her long, straight blond hair was secured in a ponytail to keep it out of her face as she worked out. She accessorized with a silver necklace and sparkly hoop earrings.

The post features four separate video clips, each consisting of one exercise in the circuit. The workout is designed to target the lower half of the glute muscles, which Ashleigh refers to as the "under booty."

The first exercise in the circuit is called the single leg RDL. The model stood on one leg and slowly stretched the other out behind her, bending her body in half before bringing her leg back down. She held her gray and black striped cat in her arms as she demonstrated the move.

The second exercise is the marching glute bridge. Lying on her back, Ashleigh raised her hips into a bridge position and alternated bringing each leg up and down with the knee bent. As the fitness trainer exercised, she pet her cat.

The third video features an exercise known as sliding curls. Leaving her hips raised in the bridge position, Ashleigh slowly slid her socked feet out and back on the wood flooring, making sure not to let her hips fall. The final exercise in the circuit is the donkey kick/kick back. Positioning her body on all fours, the model raised one leg at a time out and up behind her.

In the caption of the post, Ashleigh told her followers that, while the exercises may not look like much, when they are performed with intention and focus on mind-muscle connection, they cause a powerful burn. She recommended that her trainees add the circuit to their next glute day.

The post earned nearly 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments within the first 12 hours. The model's followers gushed over how adorable the cat was and left compliments on Ashleigh's figure and workouts.

"Love your workouts I always recommend and do them," one Instagram user commented.