Tucker Carlson Says It’s ‘Likely’ Democratic Leaders Will Try To Replace Joe Biden

In a recent op-ed for Fox News that echoed sentiments expressed on his show, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson touched on the public appearances of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his belief that Democratic Party leaders will try to replace him.

“It seems likely that at some point, Democratic leaders will try to find a way to replace Biden before the November election,” Carlson wrote. “Andrew Cuomo is the obvious replacement, but there are many others. Whatever happens, it’s worth taking Joe Biden seriously for this moment, now that he is officially, in a sense, the nominee.”

Carlson pointed to Biden’s lack of visibility in the last month and suggested it was a conscious decision to prevent him from performing poorly in interviews and television appearances. In particular, Carlson pointed to a recent appearance in which Biden made a seemingly unintelligible statement about the coronavirus crisis.

“It is hard to imagine a man like that making it through a presidential debate or even staying awake through the inaugural proceedings,” Carlson wrote of the appearance.

Carlson also claimed that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who recently dropped out of the primary, had no intention of winning, pointing to his opposition to going on the offensive against the former vice president.

In a piece for The New York Post, Michael Goodwin expressed his belief that Democrats should enlist the help of former President Barack Obama to bench Biden and make room for another candidate. Goodwin pointed to Obama’s trust within the party and suggested this makes him “uniquely suited” to break the news to Biden, who was in his administration.

“Obama could pitch withdrawal as a final public service to country and party,” Goodwin wrote, suggesting that Biden’s family might even be on board with the idea.

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As for alternatives, Goodwin pointed to Cuomo, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, who Fox News contributor John Sununu speculated is banking on Biden’s gaffes to pave the way for her nomination.

Regardless of what the future holds for the nominee, Biden will be working with the Democratic National Committee to raise money to defeat Trump, CNBC reported. According to the report, the DNC will soon talk with Biden’s campaign about how to conduct a joint fundraising effort.

According to donors that are close to Democratic leaders, the joint effort will come together “rather quickly,” CNBC reported. Some donors reportedly said that the move would give Biden a significant boost in fundraising and structural support.

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