Rush Limbaugh Accuses Anthony Fauci Of Conspiring To ‘Get Rid Of Donald Trump’

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh makes remarks
William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

Conservative radio personality and Donald Trump ally Rush Limbaugh is again accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of being part of a conspiracy to take down the president, Media Matters for America reported.

“It’s just, it’s just — you know we’ve got all of these Hillary Clinton sympathizers still in the medical expert team here,” Limbaugh said of Fauci and ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on his eponymous radio show.

“And we know that one thing has not changed, and that is these people’s desire, above everything else, to get rid of Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh expressed amazement that these experts are not focusing concern on the halted economy, which the commentator noted has led to people’s lives being “ruined.”

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Previously, Limbaugh took aim at public health experts like Fauci, though he didn’t mention him by name, and others from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and suggested they are part of a “deep state” conspiracy working against Trump.

Although Limbaugh claimed on his recent show to understand the danger the coronavirus poses to older adults and the deadly nature of the virus, he suggested malicious motivations on behalf of people pushing for an economic shutdown.

“But motivation is a key element to anything. Desire is a key element to accomplishment. It always has been. And we keep hearing, ‘No, we’ve got to maintain this shutdown. In fact, we need to even intensify the shutdown. We need to keep people staying at home.'”

Limbaugh also expressed support for younger people returning to work while the elderly stay inside to ensure that the economy returns to regular operation as soon as possible.

Limbaugh previously falsely claimed that the coronavirus is no different than the common cold. Back when the coronavirus was an epidemic, Limbaugh claimed that it was being weaponized to take down Trump and suggested that news reports that the virus was about to become a pandemic — which it later did — were media hype.

The 69-year-old former television host also claimed that the virus was likely a ChiCom laboratory experiment that had been weaponized, which is a narrative that experts have disagreed with, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reported. However, as noted by the non-profit, experts disagree on whether the virus was the product of laboratory research.

In a recent post on his website, Limbaugh slammed Fauci for his recent announcement that the projected COVID-19 death rate will be significantly less than the first projections. In particular, Fauci says the deaths will be around 60,000 with proper social distancing, down from 240,000, which was a high-end estimate.