April 7, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Tuesday: Michael Considers His Next Moves While Carly Aims To Take Charge

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's show suggest that Michael and his loved ones will do some brainstorming on what they should do about Nelle. Wiley is doing fine for now after his surgery last week, but there is plenty of reason for Michael to worry about what happens related to his son and Nelle in the weeks ahead.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Michael will be having a discussion about his next moves during Tuesday's episode. The sneak peek for the April 7 show shared via Twitter indicates that he will spend some time at the Corinthos house with Sasha and Carly, and the main topic of conversation seemingly will be Nelle.

Michael is trying to handle this himself, at least for the most part. However, Carly has a lengthy track record of inserting herself into this situation. General Hospital spoilers signal that she isn't about to stop now.

In the preview, Carly is seen telling Michael and Sasha that this started with her and she's going to be the one to end it. She doesn't mention Nelle in that snippet of the upcoming scene, but that's certainly who she's talking about here.

Nelle has been aiming to destroy Carly, and anybody associated with her, for more than two years now. General Hospital spoilers don't reveal when or how this will ultimately be resolved, but it seems a final battle of some sort is probably on the horizon.

Carly has already taken a tough stance on Nelle since her release from Pentonville. Carly visited Nelle at the PCPD after the baby swap situation exploded and made some barely-veiled threats against her nemesis. Then, last week, Carly engineered the scheme of locking Nelle on the rooftop at General Hospital and faking consent for Wiley's surgery.

Given what Carly has done in the past, it doesn't seem a stretch to think she would take any steps she deemed necessary to protect Wiley and Michael from Nelle. Carly wants Nelle out of their lives once and for all, but Michael may try to put the brakes on any extreme plans she has in mind for now.

General Hospital spoilers for the week tease that Carly may not be the only one reaching her breaking point in having Nelle around. Josslyn will have a chat with Jason, asking him to promise he'll handle Nelle.

The buzz is that this situation may get worse before it gets better, as General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Nelle may initially win custody of Wiley. It also seems possible that Michael, Sasha, Willow, and Chase will end up pursuing their marriage idea to try to gain an edge over Nelle, but it may take more than that to resolve this situation permanently.