April 7, 2020
'The Walking Dead' Season 10, Episode 16 Preview: The Whisperer War Continues And An Old Face Returns

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

The latest episode of The Walking Dead closed with a massive battle looming. The preview for the Season 10 finale of the hit zombie apocalypse series promises a continuation of this storyline. In addition, as Digital Spy points out, this episode will also give viewers their first glimpse of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).

As yet, no synopsis has been released for Episode 16, which is titled "A Certain Doom," according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). However, AMC has released a trailer for the upcoming episode that confirms that the battle between the Whisperers and the communities will continue.

The latest episode of The Walking Dead ended with Beta (Ryan Hurst), the Whisperers, and a horde of walkers arriving at the hospital at which the communities were now sheltering after the massive fire at Hilltop. Readying to defend their location, the odds do not look good as the Whisperers group numbers far outweigh that of those inside the hospital.

However, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) tries to reassure the children trapped inside the hospital that all is not lost and that help may come in the unlikeliest of ways. He then goes on to speak of not only the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the former members of the Kingdom that can help out during the attack but of those members of the communities that are not trapped inside the hospital.

Included in this group are the likes of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Alden (Callan McAuliffe), Kelly (Angel Theory), and Eugene's (Josh McDermitt) group, among others. These people, being outside of the situation, can offer the element of surprise that just might tip the scales in their favor.

In addition to these known people, the trailer for the Season 10 finale also included a long-lost character, Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan). She had previously traveled with Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) and her group but is shown at the end of the clip reading a letter regarding the communities' current situation. This leads to the possibility that her new group might also swoop in and help out.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there has been a disruption to the normal airing schedule of The Walking Dead, meaning that Episode 16 will not be shown next Sunday night but, rather, at a later date. This is due to current social distancing rules now in place during the coronavirus pandemic. While Season 10 was already being screened when social isolating began, some post-production work on Episode 16 had not yet been completed, meaning a delay would occur.

According to Newsweek, The Walking Dead executive producer, Greg Nicotero, elaborated on what sort of work is involved in post-production.

"Post-production, for those who are curious, involves VFX, music, sound mixing, and sound FX," Nicotero said.

"This process usually goes up to about three weeks from air date. I'm finding out about this the same time you guys are, and it's disappointing, but the episode will not disappoint."
As yet, AMC has not confirmed when Episode 16 will air.