Official: A Popular ‘Walking Dead’ Character Returns For Season 4

The Walking Dead

If you haven’t seenThe Walking Dead spoiler video or watched the season finale of the third season, you should probably stop reading now. It’s been confirmed that David Morrissey is returning for another season of The Walking Dead.

The British actor who only signed on for the third season is extending his stay. This is according to creator Robert Kirkman, who said the actor will stay for the fourth season.

Morrissey plays the villainous Governor, who was seen this past season locking heads with lead character Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and heading for an all out war. The Governor was brutally shot along with a big chunk of his army and left with two soldiers after the attack. This left the door open, but now the series creator has confirmed that the Governor will definitely be seen in the next season of The Walking Dead.

Although it seemed like the Governor would be left for dead, Kirkman does have plans to bring him back, but it’s not certain in what capacity. Kirkman teased fans along during an interview after the finale saying, “The potential is always there — or he could die in the next episode. This is The Walking Dead; you never know.”

To stir that pot a little more, earlier Dale Anne Hurd, the acting executive producer had this to say about David Morrissey:

“Do I want to keep David Morrissey? Yes! Do we? I can’t tell you. There are so many colors to his performance. In the comics, he’s pretty one-note, but here, he’s got so much more humanity.”

Who knows whether or not the Governor will be kept for too long. Although the show is drastically different from the original graphic novels, in the story, the Governor doesn’t survive the brutal match with Rick. Just like Kirkman speculated, we could be given one more breadcrumb with Governor’s death in the first episode of season four before we say farewell to the character for good. Then again, this is The Walking Dead, and in the past the writers have chosen to go for the jugular instead of sticking to the original text.

Would you like to see the return of the Governor?