‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale To Kill Off ’27 People’ [Video]

The Walking Dead season finale airs in just a few days, and series star Andrew Lincoln promised Rolling Stone that 27 people will die in the episode.

The promo teased the conclusion of the Woodbury conflict and promised a big battle of some kind with explosions and heavy artillery. Lincoln calls the season finale “crazy,” promising that “27 people die,” meaning that the episode is definitely going to deliver on the all-out war it promised.

Additionally, The Walking Dead creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman said that there will be a few character reveals that will shock the audience. Some characters will change teams in the finale.

“It’s about finding out where allegiances lie. There are a few surprises in store as to who is going to be doing what on which side. Those reveals are going to be startling,” he said.

At this point in the comic books, a lot of characters definitely bite it. The prison chapter is probably the bloodiest and most casualty-ridden thus far in the book’s 100+ issue run. The only problem is that a lot of the characters who die in the final prison confrontation in the comics are already dead in the show or don’t exist.

So who is going to die? Here are our guesses:

  • Carol – I’m sorry, it’s just time.
  • Hershel – He’s not going to be able to make the final “leg” out of the overrun prison.
  • Beth – Who? That’s what I thought. Hershel’s blonde daughter. She’ll probably try to make a deal with Woodbury and change sides with baby Judith (shocking!) and then be killed.
  • Allen – Who? Dead.
  • Martinez – The Governor’s side-kick.
  • The Governor – One way or another, “Phil” won’t be walking away from the finale.
  • Baby Judith – Outgoing showrunner Glen Mazzara has said that he’s the only one who wants to keep the baby alive.

So I’m guessing that the other 20-something people killed will be random Woodbury cannon fodder. Andrea will reunite with the survivor group, Tyreese and/or Sasha (she might bite it, too) will join the prisoner group, and I have a sneaky feeling that Milton (Woodbury’s nerd) might survive the finale and join the prisoners.

I’m not sure what will happen to the people of Woodbury. The comics don’t really address it, but it was hinted at that the gates are falling apart, so without a clear leader dictator, they’ll probably descend into anarchy or get overrun.

All I know is that I really really wish they would have saved Lori’s death for the finale. I don’t mind the TV show making changes from the source material, but that was one of the best most emotional and shocking moments from the comics, and they wasted it with a so-so death early on.

Anyway. Who do you think will die in the Walking Dead Season 3 finale? We’re taking bets below!

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