Google Treasure Maps Debut Just In Time For April Fool’s Day

Google Maps Treasure Maps

Google joined other publications on Sunday in launching its April Fool’s day prank a full day early. The company on Sunday announced Google Treasure Maps, its next take on the Google Maps platform.

The pirate-style treasure maps were created alongside 2D hand-drawn landmarks and hidden treasure chests.

The Google Treasure map platform uses a spyglass to zoom in for Street View access and features a rounded telescopic frame and old-school filter.

Users can access Google Treasure Maps by visiting the Google Maps website and clicking on the “Treasure” picture icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Furthering its joke, Google warns: “Your system may not be able to display at higher resolutions than paper print.”

Google lists the Treasure Map setup as “beta technology” and claims the map once belonged to infamous pirate William “Captain” Kidd.

Continuing with its storyline, Google claims the map was recently discovered during an expedition in the Indian Ocean while the team was working on underwater Street View collection.

Users are given clues and hints to help “crack the code” that will ultimately unlock the treasure.

Some serious thought was put into the Google Treasure Maps, which also including real locations like Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay and San Jose University. Those locations feature mini maps with X marks.

Google has taken the idea of April Fool’s day and turned it into less of a time for jokes and more of a way to have some fun with its own well-respected technology.

Here is a demo video for the new Google Treasure Maps program:

Google can add its treasure maps platform right next to its recently released ski resort mapping technology for ski trails.

Do you think Google Treasure Maps is a fun and unique way for Google to celebrate a day of mischievous pranks?