Lindsay Lohan Just Chillin’ As Prosecutors Decided What To Do With Her

Two weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail or 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility. Lohan’s lawyer, Mark Heller, told the prosecution that he could place Lohan in a NYC lockdown facility. As it turns out, no such lockdown facilities exist in the United States outside of the felony system.

Now prosecutors are believed to be squabbling over what to do with the oft-in-trouble actress.

Lohan’s original sentence was 90 days in jail or 90 days in lockdown. Since her lawyer has failed to meet the request, Lohan could be sent to jail. If history has taught us anything, it is that Lohan will likely skirt the jail time in favor of a court mandated slap on the wrist.

Prosecutors have not decided what to do with Lohan at this time. It is unlikely the actress will be placed in a residential facility because of her track record. Lohan snuck out of several rehab centers over the last several years and even got into a scuffle with one worker.

Prosecutors could choose to act on their own in deciding Lohan’s sentence. More than likely, the prosecution will take Lohan’s case back to the Judge Kim Dabney since he was also under the clear impression that lockdown was an option.

Lohan is supposed to start serving her rehab stint on May 2; in the meantime, she is currently working on a project in Brazil, and she recently completed a guest appearance on Charlie Sheen’s hit FX show Anger Management.

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to pre-rehab work. Before her other rehab stays, she also set off to party and work before her sentences began.

Perhaps with the prosecution still weighing in on her fate now would be a good time for Lindsay Lohan to head home and throw her own support behind a shot at rehab. As we reported earlier in the day, even Michael Lohan is upset about his daughters business trip to Brazil during her sentencing period.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is going to get off with yet another slap on the wrist?

[Image via Toglenn]