Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Molly Gets An Earful From An Angry Jordan

TJ Ashford's loved ones are frantic over his disappearance and General Hospital spoilers for Thursday's episode tease that this will spark an unexpected blow-up. Jordan and Molly will cross paths during the April 2 show and it sounds as if this will leave Molly quite rattled.

At this point, Jordan does know that Cyrus had his men kidnap TJ and she has had to turn on her old undercover team in order to try to save her son. On the other hand, Molly hasn't been able to make contact with TJ since his failed proposal. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jordan may try to lay some of the blame for this TJ-related chaos on Molly.

Molly talked with her sister about her worries regarding TJ and Sam promised to work on finding him. Sam made just enough progress to upset Jordan, who was trying to keep what she'd discovered to herself. Things have escalated since then, with Curtis, Sonny, and Jason now looped in, and it seems the stress over this may push Jordan to the brink.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Thursday's episode indicate that Jordan will tear into Molly. She'll tell Molly that something is all her fault, and this is surely related to TJ's disappearance. Molly has no idea what has happened to her boyfriend at this point, but she might be asking Jordan some questions after learning that Sonny and Jason had been at her apartment.

Molly doesn't have enough information to piece all of this together, but she is now pretty confident that TJ is in trouble. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as if Jordan is planning to provide any clarity. If Jordan does try to blame Molly for this current chaos, without explaining in further detail, this will probably cause a lot of confusion and anger.

In reality, Jordan's not necessarily mad at Molly as much as she's upset with herself. She knows that Cyrus is doing all of this because of the work she and her team did in fabricating the evidence against him years ago. Now, Jordan is the only one around for the mob boss to target. Granted, General Hospital spoilers do seem to suggest that Taggert is still alive, but Jordan might be one of the only ones who knows that.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Thursday's show will bring quite a bit related to this intense situation. Laura will connect with Robert to discuss the plans she has in mind when it comes to taking down Cyrus, and Jason will catch up with Sam on some of this.

Will Jordan manage to get TJ back home safely without exposing her own real connections to all of this chaos? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are even more intense developments ahead and fans are anxious to see where this heads.