‘Player Vs Pain’ YouTube Show Tortures Gamers

YouTube‘s Player vs Pain is a new show that tortures gamers.

With the absence of G4 and Attack of the Show, what’s Kevin Pereria to do? He went to Machinima and co-produced a new show for YouTube that hurts gamers as they play videogames. The audience gets to see people in pain as they play games like Mario Kart? Absolutely.

A while back, YouTube had the Angry Nintendo Nerd. He played terrible games for the amusement of gamers who had been there before, or just wanted to see someone suffer for attempting to enjoy a bad videogame. He inevitably had to change his tag to Angry Video Game Nerd to expand his horizons to other systems. His rival at the time was the Irate Gamer, and eventually, both of them were rocketed to internet stardom.

However, it’s been years, and YouTube‘s gamer community has been craving something new. Even the “Let’s Play” fad has gotten commonplace enough that we need something new, something different. After countless Slender videos, almost nothing seems interesting any more.

The YouTube series Player vs Pain is attempting to change that by bringing back the pain and giving the viewer a gamer whose misery we can enjoy. Player vs Pain gives us something like American Gladiators, except with controllers and torture devices.

Michelle Nunes hosts the show as “a woman whose tolerance for watching other people’s pain is legendary.” She starts the first show saying, “Oh, yes, that familiar scent! Blood, urine, and just a hint of three-day-old Axe body spray.” She spreads her arms dramatically, “It’s the pain factory and I’m your official tour guide. So strap in!”

The gamers are introduced, with their stories of training and a dose of humiliation, before they each have their round of trash talk. Sounds like your typical hip new game show, right? Something like that, but with a bit more pain. The first episode is below.

What do you think of the new YouTube series Player vs Pain?