‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Tuesday, March 31: Ridge Decides To Leave With Shauna

Denise Richards and Thorsten Kaye star in 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'
Sean Smith / Cliff Lipson / CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, March 31 featured Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) trying to apologize to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) for kissing her man. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) begged her not to do this. Yet, Katie reminded them that she had heard their excuses time and again, per She Knows Soaps.

Bill told Katie that the kiss was a one-time thing and that it meant nothing. Brooke added that they both loved her. Nonetheless, Katie could not believe that they were still having the same conversation after so many years. Bill tried to blame Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer), but Katie was glad the truth came out. She told Brooke and Bill that she needed to go home to think. She claimed that she needed to hold her son and left. Brooke encouraged Bill to follow Katie. Afterward, Brooke tried to call Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn told Ridge that Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) was on her way to Vegas. Ridge reasoned that he and Shauna had also kissed, the same as Bill and Brooke. However, Quinn pointed out that Brooke had a “disgusting” history with men, including her sister’s husband. She felt that Ridge should go to Shauna, who was leaving town because she cared about him too much. Ridge received a call from Brooke, but Quinn urged him to decline the call. He did not answer the call and chose to go and see Shauna instead.

At Florence Fulton’s (Katrina Bowden) apartment, she tried to convince her mother to stay the night. But Shauna was determined to leave immediately. Shauna opened the door after saying goodbye to Flo and found Ridge standing there. He told her that he had seen the kissing video and had heard that she was leaving town. The dressmaker asked Shauna not to leave, but she felt that she had no choice. Ridge then decided that he would leave town with her.

The soap opera showed that Brooke was angry after she could not get hold of Ridge on the phone. She smashed the digital photo frame just as Quinn entered the room. Brooke attacked Quinn for uploading the video. Quinn felt that Brooke had been getting away with her behavior for years. When Brooke said that she wouldn’t be able to come between her and Ridge, Quinn smirked. Brooke knew that Quinn just wanted her friend, Shauna, to be with Ridge. Quinn informed Brooke that Ridge deserved the love of a good woman like Shauna.