March 30, 2020
David Harbour Wants 'Black Widow' To Be Released Digitally

David Harbour wants you to know, he'd like to see Black Widow just as much as everyone else. The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to be debuting on May 1. However, the coronavirus has changed those plans. Now it's not clear when the movie might be released beyond "this fall."

Harbour isn't okay with that. He thinks at this point, Disney should release the film straight to digital and let the fans have a little bit of a treat while they are cooped up indoors and away from everyone else. Screen Rant reported that he would even be okay if it released on Disney Plus. What's important to him is that it is release somewhere, where people can get their hands on it and watch it in their homes.

"I'm very much looking forward to being in Black Widow if we ever are able to release that movie. I would love to be able to watch that movie too - y'know I have not seen that movie. I have seen some stuff in ADR and it looks really good. And also I was there when we were shooting it and I'm really excited about it. But I would like to see it myself. Hell, I would watch it on Disney Plus."
It's important to note that because the film was still so far away, even the actors haven't been able to see it in all its glory. There aren't going to be red carpet events premiering Black Widow for the rich and famous. If Harbour and his co-stars get to see it, they may not get their hands on it much before anyone else does this fall.

He's made other comments about allowing the film to go straight to digital recently as well. The Direct reports he talked to his agent about how fun such an idea would be once it was delayed.

Harbour did say that any decision to bring Black Widow to streaming is above his pay grade. This isn't the Stranger Things star hinting that it's actually happening. As someone who starred in the movie, Harbour just thinks that it's the right move to make.

It should be pointed out that if Marvel and Disney do decide to bring the picture direct to streaming services, it wouldn't be out of the norm at this point. Suspense thrillers The Hunt and The Invisible Man were both brought to streaming services earlier this month. Both films were still showing in theaters before the coronavirus outbreak caused those establishments to close.

Disney has already shown they're willing to follow suit to some degree. The company will be offering the animated film Onward on Disney Plus starting April 3 on an accelerated release schedule. Knowing that, David Harbour's request isn't entirely out of line.