‘One Piece’ Episode 926 Spoilers, Recap: Robin Seduces Shogun Orochi, Receives Invitation To Onigashima

One Piece Episode 926, which is titled “A Desperate Situation! Orochi’s Menacing Oniwabanshu!,” featured Straw Hat Pirates archeologist Nico Robin returning at the banquet held at Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s mansion after successfully escaping from the Orochi Oniwabanshu. When the previous episode of One Piece came to an end, most people thought that Robin would be captured by the Orochi Oniwabanshu since she was only in a very tiny room and surrounded by 11 ninjas.

Luckily, with the help of her devil fruit ability, Robin managed to create a clone of herself and escape. While running away from the Orochi Oniwabanshu, Robin immediately contacted Nami, Shinobu, and Brook, who were also present at Shogun Orochi’s mansion. Nami and Shinobu were hiding in the ceiling, while Brook was waiting in one of the rooms at the mansion.

Nami, Shinobu, and Brook started the rescue by finding Robin first. The leader of the Oniwabanshu, Fukurokuju, ordered his men to look for the infiltrator without disturbing the ongoing banquet. The Orochi Oniwabanshu scattered throughout the mansion, searching for every location where Robin could be hiding. When she met one of the drunk guests, Robin realized that the best place to hide was at the location of the banquet beside the most powerful man in the Land of Wano.

In One Piece Episode 926, Robin grabbed a mask and returned to the banquet. When she entered the room, Shogun Orochi immediately noticed Robin’s beauty and asked her to sit beside him and pour him sake. Robin used the opportunity to get information that will be very useful with their plan to take down Shogun Orochi and Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido.

When Shogun Orochi started to get fond of her, Robin started asking questions about the big banquet that would take place at Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival. Shogun Orochi revealed that every high-ranking official in the Land of Wano and all the members of the Beast Pirates will be attending the celebration. Robin begged Shogun Orochi to invite her again in the banquet, and it didn’t take time before the latter gave a positive answer.

It really doesn’t matter whether Robin will be invited to the big banquet at Onigashima or not. What is more important is the confidential details that she would get from Shogun Orochi regarding the event. As everyone knows, the Fire Festival will be held on the same day as the Straw Hat Pirates alliance’s plan to raid Onigashima and free the Land of Wano from the hands of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido.