‘One Piece’ Episode 927 Preview Hints At Commotion At Shogun Orochi’s Mansion

The latest chapter of One Piece featured the start of the banquet at Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s mansion. After drinking several bottles of sake, Shogun Orochi got drunk, headed in Kyoshiro’s direction, and started talking about “ghosts,” referring to the late Lord Kozuki Oden’s most loyal servants called the Nine Red Scabbards. Based on the reaction of his subordinates, it seems like Shogun Orochi is always discussing the topic about the Nine Red Scabbards whenever he consumes too much alcohol.

Unfortunately, since he’s the ruler of the Land of Wano, all of them have no choice but to listen to everything Shogun Orochi says. However, according to the preview for One Piece Episode 927, which is titled “Pandemonium! The Monster Snake, Shogun Orochi!,” a huge commotion is expected to happen at the banquet after Shogun Orochi talked about the Nine Red Scabbards. As mentioned in the preview, Komurasaki’s servant, Toko, is set to mock and laugh at Shogun Orochi upon hearing his story about the “ghosts” at the ruins of Lord Oden’s castle.

“Being laughed at by a girl, Otoko, Orochi is infuriated by his humiliation! The banquet turns into hell! Orochi loses his senses and changes into something ghoulish in order to destroy everything! Who is the surprising figure who stands in Orochi’s way to save the girl’s life?”

As the most powerful man in the Land of Wano, Shogun Orochi will surely not let a commoner like Toko insult him. After seeing Toko laughing at his story, Shogun Orochi will get furious. According to the preview, Shogun Orochi is set to use his devil fruit power to transform into a multi-headed snake.

Shogun Orochi isn’t only planning to execute Toko for what she has done, but he also wants to destroy everything in his sight. However, though she is known for being the cause of the misery of plenty of people in the Land of Wano, Komurasaki is expected to defend Toko from Shogun Orochi. Knowing how much Shogun Orochi admires her, Komurasaki must be confident that she and Toko would just be forgiven for their actions.

However, while having an intense negotiation, Komurasaki is expected to do something reckless that will put her own life at risk. Komurasaki will say words that will make Shogun Orochi angrier. Instead of Shogun Orochi, Komurasaki will be receiving punishment from her own boss, Kyoshiro. After seeing Komurasaki going up against the shogun of the Land of Wano, Kyoshiro is set to draw his sword and execute the most beautiful courtesan in the country.

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