WWE News: Former ‘Monday Night Raw’ General Manager Discusses AEW Taking Shots At Vince McMahon

Eric Bischoff is no stranger to taking shots at WWE. During the “Monday Night Wars” — which saw his WCW company compete against WWE on that weeknight — he instructed Nitro’s commentators to reveal the results of Monday Night Raw, while also featuring other segments designed to undermine the WWE product. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that he approves of a segment that took place on last week’s All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, which saw Brodie Lee reportedly impersonating Vince McMahon.

In the segment, Lee — who competed in WWE as Luke Harper until last year — ate a steak and told other members of the Dark Order that they could eat only after he was finished. However, those who are familiar with McMahon’s mannerisms believe that Lee was impersonating his old employer, and Bischoff is among them.

During the latest episode of the After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson podcast, by the way of WrestlingNews.co, the former WCW chairman revealed that those who know McMahon understood what Lee was going for in the segment. However, Bischoff also believes that it was still strong enough as an individual vignette to entertain general audiences who aren’t savvy with WWE’s behind-the-scenes stories.

“If you don’t know Vince has personal characteristics you wouldn’t get that. That thought wouldn’t cross your mind. If you do, it’s a little, it’s pretty interesting but if you fall into that other group? That vignette got him over. It still helped build his character, so they didn’t give anything up.”

According to Bischoff, the vignette was good because it didn’t go too overboard in attacking McMahon and WWE. Despite being an obvious shot at AEW’s rivals, he said that the segment was “well done” and walked a “fine line,” and he was impressed by it overall.

However, not everyone was happy about the segment. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the vignette reportedly caused some upset behind the scenes due to its negative allusion to McMahon, though it’s unclear if the affected parties are WWE employees. Dave Meltzer said that the segment was a riff on a story about McMahon eating at a steakhouse, where he allegedly got mad about having to eat first.

The segment didn’t mark the first time that Lee has attacked McMahon since joining AEW, either. When he was unveiled as The Exalted One two weeks ago, he mentioned “an out of touch old man” who didn’t believe in him, which was a reference to McMahon never giving him a chance in WWE.

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