Bode Miller Prepares For Custody War Against His Baby’s Mother

Bode Miller In Custody War

Bode Miller is stuck in a custody war with his ex Sara McKenna, with the Olympic skiing champion asking a judge to force her to move back to California and his baby’s mother claiming he’s a terrible dad.

The custody war centers on the one-month-old son of Bode Miller and Sara McKenna. The Olympic skier filed a paternity suit in court seeking joint legal and physical custody.

Bode Miller’s custody war with McKenna came at a busy time in the paternity department for Bode. He actually filed another petition at the same time against Chanel Johnson, claiming that he’s the father of her 4-year-old girl. Miller asked the court for joint and physical custody as well as child support payments.

And the whole time, Bode’s current wife Morgan Beck is pregnant with a due date of August.

Bode and Morgan were married back in October, and shortly after the ran into a bit of a rough patch — so to speak. While they were out golfing together in December, Bode hit a 160 mph line drive that struck his wife just above the eye. The hit left Morgan with a gash above her eye that required more than 50 stitches.


In the most recent petition, Miller asked a judge to order Sara to return to California from New York. Bode also wants an order stating that she needs written consent to take the infant out of California again.

For Bode Miller, the custody war is likely to turn uglier. In court Sara argued that Bode is an unfit father because he lives on a yacht, which she said is not a suitable place to raise a child. Sara also claimed that Bode has drug and alcohol problems and that he never even wanted the child in the first place. She says when they found out she was pregnant, Bode asked her to get an abortion.