Golf Shot Hits Wife, Requires Over 50 Stitches

San Diego, CA – A golf shot hit the wife of US ski star Bode Miller. When playing golf on Wednesday a 160 mph line drive hit the wife, Morgan Miller, just above her left eye, leaving a bloody gash that required over 50 stitches at the hospital. She is expected to recover from this game of violent golf but in the mean time she’s suffering from deep bruises and swelling.

According to France24, Bode Miller is the 2005 and 2008 World Cup overall champion and a five-time Olympic medalist for alpine skiing. The former ski champ also apparently enjoys a game of golf. Although I doubt his wife will be rewarding him any medals for his efforts any time soon.

Morgan Miller is a beach volleyball player and the couple is actually newly married as of October 2012. The honeymoon must be long over since Bode Miller says that while playing golf together he was aiming to not hit the tree she was hiding behind. He didn’t.

Instead, the errant golf shot hit his wife, with only the Kaenon sunglasses preventing her from losing her left eye. Amazingly, even with a 160 mph direct hit the lenses did not shatter.

Still, the damage was bad and they rushed to the San Diego hospital where doctors patched her up with over 50 stitches.

According to NESN, the couple has been using Twitter to record their mis-adventure in golfing:

“I’m not feeling so hot. Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love him but ouch.”

On Thursday both were feeling up to updating the world on their status, with Bode Miller saying:

“She’s a trooper, the docs did a great job, thanks UCSDHealth. she is doing Ok, surgery went well, should be 100%. Thanks.”

Morgan began to Tweet her health status:

“Feeling better today. Still can’t see out off left eye but I am getting some feeling back in my face. Also a huge thank u 2 everyone wishing me a speedy recovery. I have my husband by my side listening 2 all ur suggestions so keep them coming”

If my golf shot hit my wife she’d kill me. But that’s probably why she refuses to go golfing with me. She loves me so much she doesn’t wish to see me die in such an unfortunate manner. What do you think about Bode Miller and his errant golf shot to the forehead?