Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Takes On Nelle Once Again

Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Things will be tense at General Hospital during Friday’s episode. Nelle insists that she will not consent to the surgery Monica recommended for Wiley, and spoilers tease that Carly is about to insert herself into this conflict.

As viewers saw during Thursday’s show, Nelle insisted that Wiley would be fine without the surgery. Despite Michael’s insistence and Monica’s recommendation, Nelle felt that the risks outweighed the benefits. Based on the bit of research she did and a brief visit she paid to him, she felt that the little boy was doing just fine without surgical intervention.

Michael and Sasha tried to reason with Nelle, but they were unable to make any progress. In the sneak peek for Friday’s show, General Hospital spoilers revealed that Carly will catch up to all of this and insist that she can take care of it.

Carly and Nelle have been adversaries for some time now, and that means that this upcoming conversation between the two will likely be quite contentious. SheKnows Soaps notes that Carly will confront Nelle during Friday’s show, and it seems that Nelle will initiate another round of conflict next Monday.

Will Carly be able to talk any sense into Nelle in regard to proceeding with the surgery? Given the icy dynamic that exists between the two women, it seems unlikely. If she were able to approach this calmly, some might think that Carly could perhaps try to appeal to Nelle’s concerns as a mother who is struggling. Carly navigated watching Michael have this same surgery when he was a baby, after all.

Nelle doesn’t have anybody in her corner at this point, and she’s behind in terms of knowing about Wiley and this heart condition. However, it doesn’t sound as if Carly will be able to approach the opportunity to discuss this with Nelle in any manner that isn’t exceedingly confrontational.

It’s not known yet how the two women will resolve this latest crisis. However, General Hospital spoilers do note that Monica will be sharing some good news next week. It may be that Wiley bounces back enough to avoid needing surgery for now, although the situation isn’t necessarily going to go away on its own.

All signs point toward a lot more drama revolving around Nelle in the days ahead. Nelle’s refusal to consent to the surgery has Michael outraged, and General Hospital spoilers tease that at this point, he’s ready to do nearly anything and everything necessary to keep Wiley away from her.