Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Remains Resistant And Michael Explodes

Michael and Nelle are already locked in a contentious custody battle over Wiley, but General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s about to get even worse. Wiley’s heart condition is causing him issues and Nelle is resistant to follow Monica’s recommendation for surgery.

During Wednesday’s show, Monica told Michael that Nelle’s signature would be needed along with his in order to do the surgery. Nelle rushed to General Hospital after getting word that Wiley had been taken there and she did not take the news regarding the surgery well.

While Michael knew about Wiley’s heart condition, Nelle hadn’t been quite so looped in. She was angry to be surprised by all of this, which naturally prompted Michael to lash out about how he hadn’t even known Wiley was his son until recently. For now, Nelle continues to stick by her story that Brad stole Wiley away from her without her involvement.

Nelle refused to sign off on the surgery, insisting that it brought too many risks. Instead, she wanted them to pursue non-invasive alternatives first.

General Hospital spoilers detailed in the sneak peek for Thursday’s show indicate that Michael and Nelle will continue to argue over this. It looks like her resistance will make him all the more determined to win the custody battle and ensure she has no access at all to Wiley. Of course, Nelle is quite determined to win this battle too and she’s not going to give up any control if she can help it.

According to SheKnows Soaps, something will have Sasha feeling stunned during Thursday’s show. It seems pretty certain that this stunner will be connected to Michael and Nelle as they argue over Wiley.

It could simply be that Sasha is shocked by Nelle’s resistance to consent to the surgery for Wiley. However, it may also be that Michael reacts so strongly to Nelle’s refusals that Sasha is surprised in some sense.

Whether Nelle ends up signing the paperwork or not, General Hospital spoilers do hint that Wiley will make it through this okay. Next week, Monica will have good news to share with someone, and this is almost certainly about Wiley.

Even if Wiley is fine, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the discord between Nelle and Michael will only intensify in the days ahead. Nelle is building up a pretty long list of adversaries now and at some point, she’s sure to take things too far with someone.

Fans are anxious to see Nelle pay for all of the chaos she has created, and General Hospital spoilers tease that it may well be coming soon at last.