India Arie: I Did Not Lighten My Skin

Did India.Arie lighten her skin?

The musician, who is known for lyrics about self-acceptance, was recently accused of lightening her skin for the cover of her latest single. India Arie appears on the cover of Cocoa Butter and it appears that her skin is a much lighter color than normal.

Fans of the musician took to Twitter calling her a hypocrite for lightening her skin. Some also noted that India.Arie had recently criticized the producers of the new Nina Simone biopic for casting Zoe Saldana, a light-skinned actress in the lead role.

One user wrote: “India Arie should’ve played Nina Simone but when the industry robs our dark sisters they turn into this.”

Another added: “India arie ur supposed to be the champion for darker women, Im so disappointed in u!”

India.Arie laughed off the criticism this weekend, however, saying that she has not lightened her skin. The singer said in addition to her personal beliefs she would never bleach her skin due to health concerns.

India listed several reasons that she wouldn’t bleach her skin and told her fans that it was actually the lighting of the photo that made it appear like she had lightened her skin.

Here’s a photo of India Arie…

india arie

… and her’s a photo of her new album cover.

india arie

Do you think the singer lightened her skin? Are you a fan of India.Arie?