Jennifer Lopez Plays Whiffle Ball With Her Family In Cute New Instagram Video

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Jennifer Lopez, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and their three girls took time to enjoy some fresh air and get some exercise while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. Alex took to his Instagram to post a new video that showed him and “the four powerful young women” in his life getting some hits in with a whiffle ball and bat in their backyard.

The video started with Jennifer, her daughter Emme, and A-Rod’s daughters Natasha and Ella dancing around as a warm up. Alex himself was seated on an overturned bucket and could be seen rocking out to some music. The clip then cut to Emme hitting the ball, getting a supportive “nice” from the baseball great.

Next the 14-time Major League Baseball All Star showed off his skills at bat as Natasha pitched to him. Emme played catcher while Jennifer was behind them both, pretending to be an umpire. In a funny moment, Alex missed one of the pitches. While his daughter could be heard off camera taking responsibility for the bad pitch, Jennifer decided to poke fun at her fiancé a bit.

“Strike one!” she yelled as the rest of the family laughed.

The footage then showed Jennifer’s turn. The 50-year-old mom of two looked incredible as she flaunted her toned abs and fit figure in a pair of cornflower blue leggings and a sports bra. She connected with the ball more times than not, impressing Alex, who was pitching. The video’s final at bat moment came when Alex hit a ball over the roof of their house, much to his family’s admiration.

The clip concluded with high fives to one another while they all congratulated each other on a job well done.

“Go team!” they shouted with their hands in the middle of their little circle, finishing their workout like a real sports team would.

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Today was a dream day for me. First, I’d like to thank everyone who tuned in to watch my first ARod baseball clinic. I hope you guys learned something and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it! . I mentioned this during the livestream, but do you know what Shakespeare did when he was quarantined because of the plague? He wrote King Lear. You can let this time pass you by, or you can seize it and use it to work on your swing, watch a ton of video, and make yourself a better player. Or a better anything, for that matter. . . You can also use it to spend quality time with family. We had a blast playing a little baseball in the yard with the four powerful young women in my life. . When I was their age, I couldn’t afford bats, balls ⚾️ and gloves. I was lucky to have great mentors to look out for me, and for the @bgcmiamidade giving me a place to play. . Today, it was so much fun watching them take some cuts. The only depressing part was watching Jen lock in on her swing and launch one. What can’t she do? She even hits better than I do! #ShesANatural ????

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Alex also penned a lengthy caption to go with his post. In it, he described how thankful he was to be able to play baseball with his family, as he couldn’t afford equipment to do so as a child. He also spoke about how being in quarantine doesn’t have to mean that nothing gets accomplished. He referenced Shakespeare, who wrote King Lear while quarantined due to the plague. The baseball star also expressed how impressed he was with his fiancée.

“What can’t she do?” he asked, followed by “#ShesANatural.”

This new video comes on the heels of a livestream Alex conducted, which marked his inaugural “ARod baseball clinic,” in which he showed his followers how to perfect some of their hitting and fielding skills, according to People.