Kelly Clarkson Makes A Major Blunder On 'The Voice'

On Monday, March 23, Kelly Clarkson made a major blunder on The Voice just as the infamous battle rounds got underway. The singer had a bit of a mix-up during a battle between Blake Shelton's acts, as she attempted to get contestant Todd Michael Hall on Team Kelly after he faced off against Joei Fulco.

Things got a bit awkward for Kelly after the two singing hopefuls performed "The Best" by Tina Turner in a heated battle, as reported by Talent Recap.

Blake eventually chose Joei as the winner of the battle, which would ordinarily have meant that Todd was eliminated from the competition.

However, the country star dramatically chose to use his only save of the season on Todd at the very last minute, meaning he gets to continue on in the competition. Blake pressed his button only a split second before Kelly, taking away her opportunity to steal Todd for her team.

Kelly didn't seem to notice that Blake had already pressed his button, which indicated Todd was sticking with Team Blake. The singer got up out of her red spinning chair to give Todd a big hug, seemingly thinking that he was now a member of Team Kelly.

The rest of the coaches -- Blake, John Legend, and Nick Jonas -- all looked on in confusion as John pointed at the "God's Country" singer and shouted, "No! You got the save."

"Was she going to steal?" asked Blake, letting out a big laugh. In the midst of the confusion, Kelly told Todd to "go back up there."

"What happened?" asked Blake. Unaware that the contestant had already been saved by his coach, Kelly admitted that she was "always going" to steal Todd for her team. However, she was waiting until the last minute in order to be "dramatic."

She was then made fully aware of her blunder, as Nick pointed to the screen that read, "Blake save." Meanwhile, John told Kelly that she was "a little late" in her attempt to steal.

"Wait. What!?" a very confused Kelly then shouted, as she admitted that she thought she had to wait until Todd made his way down the stairs and exited the stage to get him on her team.

"Damn it!" yelled Kelly, as she explained that it was her first time trying to steal. She also noted that she has "a lot of jobs," which have left her a little confused about the rules of the competition.

Kelly's latest blunder on the show comes shortly after she got into a friendly but heated argument with Blake last week. Previously, the "Love So Soft" singer admitted that she didn't think a fiddle and violin were the same instruments -- much to Blake's annoyance.