Hospitalized Senior Citizen Claims He Was Raped By 20-Something Nurse

Philadelphia, PA — A senior citizen who was patient at Temple University Hospital alleges that a female nurse in her 20s raped him in a bathroom in the middle of the night.

The alleged assault against the 65-year-old man at the Philadelphia hospital occurred on February 27 at about 3:30 am but the allegations have just became public today. The Philadelphia police — specifically the special victims unit — have the incident under investigation. The man was reportedly recovering in the hospital from a motorcycle accident and had been there for about a week.

According to the complaint, the nurse entered the patient’s room and offered to give him a bath. Evidently things got improperly steamy from there, but because of their reportedly graphic nature, the details contained in the police report have not yet been released into the public domain.

Temple University Hospital officials have insisted that they looked into the matter and determined that no sexual assault occurred: “When we were made aware of the allegation, we promptly investigated the matter and found no basis to support the claim. We are cooperating fully with police.”

Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia is considered one of the most prestigious academic medical centers in the country. It is the chief clinical training site for the Temple University School of Medicine. The teaching hospital has a 700-plus bed capacity that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services to the surrounding community, employing about 4,000 workers including about 1,300 nurses.

Rape is a crime that should never under any circumstances be trivialized. In this particular case, however, admittedly based on very limited information to this point, do you think the nurse rape allegations at Temple University Hospital will “pan out” or will they prove to be unfounded?

The NBC Philadelphia affiliate filed this story about the alleged Temple University Hospital rape: