March 21, 2020
Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Chris Jones Could Be Shipped To Miami For Draft Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are saying all the right things when it comes to their plans for Chris Jones. The team said it wants to make sure it keeps the defender in town as long as possible.

The front office has franchise tagged him, making them the only team Jones can talk to for now. On the other hand, there have been rumors popping up all over the Internet about the possibility he could be traded.

It appears Jones is one of those who believes he's going to be traded sooner or later. There was even a time not that long ago that fans were worried that his departure was imminent. As The Inquisitr reported, he posted some song lyrics that led some to think that he was hinting at something coming down the pike.

While Jones hasn't been traded yet, there are plenty of Chiefs fans and writers who think it's going to happen before the 2020 season arrives. John McCarty of KC Kingdom recently laid out a number of trades he thinks could go down between Kansas City and the Miami Dolphins.

McCarty points out the Dolphins have been making some big moves this offseason. While 2019 was about tanking, 2020 appears to be about competing. Not having Tom Brady in the division anymore can change a front office's outlook.

He thinks Jones could be shipped to the Dolphins in a couple of different scenarios, but all three would bring back draft picks. It's thought they might be willing to part with some because of all the ones they've managed to load up on.

McCarty thinks the absolute best the Chiefs could get for Jones would be Miami's first-round pick. That might seem like a big return but as he points out, the extra picks mean they can gamble a bit and still have plenty of opportunities to continue the rebuild.

"Miami still has the opportunity to add the quarterback at the top spot and still plenty of picks to address and add, likely on offense, additional players."
Another option might be forgoing grabbing another first-round pick but instead getting both of Miami's second-round picks. The Dolphins would be able to get Chris Jones and a game-changer in the first round. The Chiefs, on the other hand, would have three second-round picks. It's not out of the realm of possibility they could replace the defensive end with any or all of those picks.

The fact of the matter it's hard for anyone to tell just how close a Chris Jones trade really is, but most analysts do believe it will happen.