Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Nervous About Chris Jones’ Latest Tweet And What It Might Be Hinting

If the Kansas City Chiefs and Chris Jones are still trying to work out a long-term deal, it looks like it’s not going that well. That’s if one were to read the tea leaves on a recent tweet by the star defensive player.

Jones took to Twitter on Friday afternoon and posted some song lyrics he attributed to rapper Kevin Gates. Those lyrics have some Chiefs fans a bit nervous that Jones is foreshadowing what’s about to happen.

“Hope that they know that I love em but, all good things must come to an end… “

Almost immediately after Jones put up the post, Chiefs fans were quick to decide he was saying goodbye, while also pointing out he had an affection for either the team or its fanbase. Some responded with GIFs and images that were meant to beg him to make it clear he wasn’t leaving.

Another fan posted on Twitter that he liked Jones too much to like the post. He added that he wished him well, should the defensive lineman leave.

By most accounts, there are still a couple of different ways this could play out for Jones and the Chiefs. Both sides have told the media at one time or another they’d like to get a deal done. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Kansas City has even said that if a long-term contract can’t be agreed to, they will place the franchise tag on him.

However, placing the franchise tag on Jones doesn’t mean he’s sticking around. If he is tagged, his contract would give the team about $1 million in cap space. At that point, they’d have to get rid of other players to make up for it.

The other option is the tag goes into place and the Chiefs trade him to another organization. That team could either have the space to take him on a one-year deal or restructure and sign him to a longer contract.

Rumors around Jones have a number of different teams showing interest. The Arizona Cardinals are the latest team more than a few analysts have said would be a good fit. He’s also been mentioned as someone the Indianapolis Colts could afford and have enough draft picks to give the Chiefs a good return.

If Jones’ tweet is a goodbye to the fans and his teammates, there are still two takeaways from it. It’s possible the defensive tackle knows he’s going somewhere. It’s also possible he just thinks the Chiefs are trying to trade him. With the NFL’s new year kicking off on March 18, people could find out in short order.

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