You Can Thank Sarah Palin For Marco Rubio [Video]

You can thank former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s election, according to a new ad for Mama Grizzly’s own “SARAH PAC.”

Palin’s PAC released a new ad on Wednesday, in which the former vice-presidential candidate seemingly takes credit for the elections of many fresh-faced Republican officials. While guys like Ted Cruz have credited Palin for her influence in getting them elected, others mentioned in the ad have either an unclear or nonexistent relationship to her.

Particularly, the ad specifically mentions Rubio in a list of all the successful candidates that Palin has supported. Part of the video flashes a picture of Rubio’s family while talking about the need to look for “fresh” candidates, implying that Palin’s eye for Conservative talent started Rubio on the path to becoming who he is.

A few media outlets were quick to criticize the Palin ad’s implication, pointing out that, in short, she can’t take any credit for launching Rubio’s political career.

Yesterday, Sunshine State Newscredited Rubio with his own success, writing that his “tireless grassroots campaigning around the state [that] is most often credited with his victory.”

Today, the Tampa Bay Times published a snarky piece titled “Marco Rubio, you didn’t build that; Sarah Palin did” which goes more in-depth regarding Palin’s bizarre implication.

Alex Leary writes “anyone who follows Florida politics knows Rubio kept a distance from Palin and she only showed interest after he was surging.” Leary goes on, saying that Rubio actually had a few chances to hitch his wagon to Palin’s star, but kept his distance from her during his campaign.

Now apparently it’s time for Palin to hitch her PAC wagon to Rubio’s quickly rising political star, though with her history of controversy and self-promotion, it’s hard to imagine him slowing down for her.

Here’s Palin’s PAC ad. Do you think she’s taking credit for Marco Rubio’s political career?

[Image via: Therealbs2002, Wikimedia Commons]