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‘One Piece’ Episode 925 Preview, Spoilers: Germa 66’s Stealth Black Appearing In Wano

JB Baruelo - Author

Mar. 16 2020, Updated 3:48 a.m. ET

The latest chapter of One Piece featured the start of the battle between Straw Hat Pirates cook Vinsmoke Sanji and Beast Pirates Headliner Page One. Sanji and his comrades originally planned to escape and hide, but after hearing the voice of a woman screaming, Black Leg decided to return to the Flower Capital and face Page One. Unfortunately, despite catching the enemy off guard, Sanji was still unable to knock Page One out using Diable Jambe Concasser Crush.

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With his normal attacks seemingly not having any effect against Page One and the Beast Pirates Headliners Basil Hawkins and X Drake approaching, Sanji is left with no choice but to use Germa 66’s technology. According to the preview, One Piece Episode 925, which is titled “Dashing! The Righteous Soba Mask!,” is set to feature Sanji wearing Germa 66’s Raid Suit No. 3, which was given to him by his brothers before they parted ways on Whole Cake Island.

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“A jet-black Raid Suit and a skull belt! On his feet are devices that accelerate him to the speed of light! Wearing a cape with the number 3 on it, a new hero appears in the Flower Capital! Shouldering the people’s expectations, he fights the Animal Kingdom Pirates!”

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Despite his strong hatred toward the Vinsmoke family, Sanji still ended up using Germa’s 66 Raid Suit. The main reason why Sanji decided to wear the suit was to hide his identity from the two other Beast Pirate headliners heading to their location — Hawkins and X Drake. Hawkins, the captain of the Hawkins Pirates, and X Drake, the captain of the Drake Pirates, are both members of the Worst Generation, which wreaked havoc at the Sabaody Archipelago. Though years have passed since the incident, Hawkins and X Drake are still familiar with the faces of the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, as hinted in the preview for One Piece Episode 925, Germa’s 66 Raid Suit No. 3, which is also known as Stealth Black, not only prevents Sanji from being recognized by Hawkins and X Drake, but it also allows him to boost performance in his ongoing battle against Page One. Stealth Black will tremendously improve Sanji’s speed and the power of his attacks.

Also, Stealth Black enables Sanji to blend with his environment so well that he effectively becomes invisible. Sanji has been dreaming of obtaining the devil fruit that allows users to become invisible. Using Germa 66’s Raid Suit No. 3, Sanji’s dream would finally come true without sacrificing his ability to swim.


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