Facebook Unveiling ‘New Home On Android’ Next Week

Facebook has sent out invitations to an event next week that is geared towards showing off their “new home on Android.” The event is going to be held on April 4 at 10:00 AM at their Menlo Park offices.

The social media giant is being rumored to be announcing a brand new Android OS for an HTC smartphone handset. There have been quite a few rumors that Facebook would go full Android with the release of their own smartphone.

Those rumors have been persistent for years but it appears that the rumors have finally become reality or will soon. There have been plenty of reports that the social media site is fully embracing Android and has actually turned its back on iOS.

Facebook higher ups have even reportedly started to tell their employees that they should ditch their iPhones for Android based smartphones.

Because the site won’t give any more details than what they already have, speculation is a about the only thing any of us will have to go on until the official get together.

Other rumors are hinting that the reveal might be quite a bit more laid back than the website’s own version of a smartphone. This could be simply a redesign of the interoperability between Android and the social networking site.

If it is a phone, most think we should be expecting a home screen that will sport features such a quick to see newsfeed and simply better integration with the social site.

Facebook has been making quite a few big time announcements over the last month. The site has changed the way they handle their newsfeed and has made small upgrades to the site as well.

The company is still a place for people to share their opinions and ideas when all is said and done. It seems as though their own smarphone would certainly help there.

What do you think Facebook’s big announcement might be?