WWE Rumors: Backstage News On Proposed New ‘Monday Night Raw’ Faction Revealed

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MVP returned to WWE at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view and wrestled a couple of matches on subsequent episodes of Monday Night Raw. The company hired the veteran as a backstage producer, but he’s been appearing on WWE television in recent weeks, suggesting that WWE’s creative team has an on-air role in mind for him.

This was hinted at further on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, when MVP revealed that he was starting a faction and invited Edge to be a part of it. However, while the former superstar alluded to forming a stable, Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue reported that there are no current plans for him to lead one.

“MVP was originally brought back just to appear at the Royal Rumble. They then decided that ‘Well, we’ll bring you and give you a match.’ So they brought him and gave him a match. Then they decided, ‘Well, we’ll bring you back and have you talk.’ So his role has sort of grown and grown. At the moment, there are no plans to give him a faction of any sort but he keeps alluding to that himself, and it’s something he’s pushing for and it’s something that could really work.”

Last week’s segment essentially saw the veteran used as a pawn in the feud between Edge and Randy Orton, and it remains to be seen if anything will emerge from MVP’s faction idea. However, the former superstar is talented on the microphone and he can still take bumps, so seeing him manage a lead of Monday Night Raw superstars doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, MVP is also keen on appearing on television, even though his in-ring days are mostly behind him. While he didn’t reveal which capacity he’d like to appear in, he still feels that he can offer something to the red brand’s product.

Furthermore, with the Undisputed Era in NXT, as well as the heel stable led by Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw, WWE has shown a willingness to form more factions in recent years. Stables are an ideal way of getting underutilized stars more air time as well, and the main roster shows both have countless superstars who could benefit from an alliance with other wrestlers.