July 12, 2014
If Roman Reigns Wins The World Title At Battleground, WWE Has Officially Blown It

Roman Reigns will win the world title at WWE Battleground. That's the theory being put forth by Daniel Wood of Yahoo UK, and he actually makes a lot of sense.

Under Wood's scenario, Reigns will survive the Fatal Four-Way only to be ambushed after the match so Seth Rollins can waltz in for the victory.

Many other websites, such as Bleacher Report, are warning the WWE against this move, and we'd like to throw our own names into the mix.

In fact, if WWE awards Roman Reigns with the title -- even for a split second -- creative will have officially blown it.

Look, it's not that we're against a Reigns title run. I think me and everyone reading this knows that it's inevitable. Furthermore, he's not a disaster on the mic -- unproven, maybe, but not a black mark on the company.

This is not to diss Roman Reigns. It's just to say that it's too soon to blow a great storyline and to do it at a lesser PPV, then cheapen it with a copout ambush.

Even worse, however, would be if the WWE gave Reigns the clean win at WWE Battleground, and he showed up as the new champion on Raw the next night.

Even though the future is uncertain for Daniel Bryan right now -- at least to hear good ol' JR tell it -- he's still where the company needs to focus. If Bryan isn't the champ, then the belt needs to stay with, and eventually be lifted from, John Cena.

Giving Roman a quickie one-night reign reeks too much of Daniel Bryan 2.0. We've been there, done that. Plus, the WWE could still get a lot of great mileage out of the Seth Rollins-looking-over-his-shoulder thing, fearing that Dean Ambrose will ruin his Money in the Bank contract.

Why must these things be resolved so quickly? If it goes down the way that Wood theorizes, then WWE has not only ruined the WrestleMania moment for Reigns, they've also screwed up the rich storytelling that's going on right now between Rollins and Ambrose.

And why would a John Cena-Brock Lesnar Summerslam matchup even matter at that point?

If I were booking it, I'd wait to see what happens with Bryan. If Bryan can come back in enough time before WrestleMania, have him fend off Brock Lesnar and drop the title to Roman Reigns at next year's Show of Shows.

A face-versus-face WrestleMania matchup would be unstoppable.

What do you guys think? Should Roman Reigns get the belt at WWE Battleground, or does the company need to wait?

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]