Nepal Teenager Commits Suicide After Germany Defeats Brazil At the World Cup

The World Cup is probably the only event, along with the Olympics, that could induce major emotion among the nations. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how Brazil's defeat to Germany truly broke the hearts of Brazilians and why it was such an important game historically. We also reported how Germany went beyond celebration and trolled the win with a video involving alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, a teenager in Nepal admired the Brazilian team so much that when they lost to Germany, she was so traumatized that she couldn't go on living anymore. You read that exactly as I worded it. A teenage girl committed suicide because her team loss.

The sad report comes from ABC News, in which police state that a 10th grade student was so depressed at the semifinal game's results, that she hung herself from the ceiling on Wednesday morning in Bharaul village, which is located about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of the capital of Katmandu. The teenage girl was identified as Pragya Thapa. Her mother was the unfortunate person to find her daughter hanging from the ceiling in her room. Thapa was living with her mother and grandparents while her father was abroad for work.

This is a very sad turn of events that anyone would justify ending their life in such a way over the World Cup. There must have been something going on for her to be so depressed to want to end her life, or maybe her favoritism for Team Brazil was close to idolatry. Whatever the reason, it is a sad and probably would have been prevented if someone noticed. Let's just hope that the suicide isn't a result of bullying, which seems to happen a lot when one team loses to another, such as the troll done by a German website as linked in the first paragraph. It might be that the picking on may be more than usual because the final score was 7 to 1. Seriously, that is a huge point gap, especially for the losing team on their home turf.

In the article by Stuff, they made sure to include extra information for anyone, including teens, who may suddenly feel depressed and believe that suicide is the only option out of the pain, but they provided numbers for their region. If for any reason you have thoughts of suicide, know there is people who can help through the contacts below.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Suicide Prevention at Helpguide