‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Lindsay Arnold Lets Alan Bersten Wash And Style Her Hair In Hilarious Video

Dancing with the Stars pro Lindsay Arnold put her hair in fellow dancer Alan Bersten’s hands to film a hilarious hair tutorial for The Arnold Sisters YouTube page.

Lindsay had discovered a hair-washing station backstage at one of the stops on their Dancing with the Stars tour, which was recently suspended. She decided to put it to use by letting Alan wash her blond tresses, and the results had fans in hysterics.

Lindsay informed Alan that she was due for a purple shampoo wash, and it took her a while to explain how to properly use the product. However, Alan reassured her that he knew what he was doing.

Alan used what he called the “waterfall approach” to washing Lindsay’s hair. He held the water nozzle high over her head, prompting Lindsay to advise him to move it closer to her scalp. Alan also had a difficult time getting the temperature of the water just right. At one point, he got it so cold that Lindsay had to yank his arm away from her head.

“We’re doing a temperature treatment here,” Alan said.

The dancer explained that his method “shocks the hair follicles.” He then attempted to use a product that Lindsay refused to let him put on her hair.

“I’m going to do it the way I do it in the shower,” Alan said. “So, you start with a little body wash. It’s unconditional.”

Lindsay got visibly nervous when Alan finally began using the purple shampoo. He informed her that the angle was a problem for him, so he placed his foot upon the arm of her chair as he washed her hair.

“Now, are we doing your eyebrows today?” Alan asked.

He didn’t touch Lindsay’s eyebrows, but he did stick his fingertips in her ears.

“Oh my gosh! Get out of there!” a laughing Lindsay exclaimed. “I hate you.”

As Alan was rinsing the shampoo out, Lindsay observed that he was spraying water all over the wall.

“So, you will feel water running down your back,” Alan said. “That’s just because I noticed you have back hair, and I’m trying to dye it as well.”

When it was time to condition Lindsay’s hair, Alan informed her that he also likes to use Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash for this step. However, he slapped some actual conditioner on Lindsay’s head before massaging it into her scalp. He gradually moved to her face, rubbing the conditioner all over her cheeks and forehead. After he was finished rinsing the conditioner out, he tossed a fluffy white towel over her face and gave it a shiatsu massage.

“This is what they do at Fantastic Sam’s,” Alan informed her.

When it was time to blow dry Lindsay’s hair, Emma Slater stepped in to remind Alan to spray detangler on her tresses. After she told Alan not to spray it like it was air freshener, he asked her if the stains from the purple shampoo would come off his hands.

“You look like you grabbed a bunch of blueberries,” she said.

Alan also dried Lindsay’s hair. This involved him asking her to open her mouth and using a blow dryer on her face.

“Beyonce does this, and I think you should do it, too,” he said.

The video was a big hit with fans.

“Hilarious!! I am laughing so hard from beginning to end.” wrote one YouTube commenter.

This is the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time!” another fan remarked. “Had me laughing out loud constantly! Please do more like this!!”

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