'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jordan's Under Pressure From A Surprising Cyrus Ally

Jordan is desperate to get her son TJ safely back home to her, and Friday's episode of General Hospital brought some jaw-dropping developments on this front. She knows that he is being held by people working for Cyrus, and she was surprised to find out who her contact on this will be, moving forward.

When General Hospital viewers first met Willow's mother Harmony, she was Shiloh's right-hand gal within Dawn of Day. She supposedly turned over a new leaf and was living a lawful life now, but fans weren't necessarily convinced. During Friday's show, suspicious viewers were rewarded when it was revealed that Harmony is currently working for Cyrus.

Jordan was warned via text that she shouldn't tell anybody about TJ and she was told to get herself alone. She did manage to get Curtis and Stella out of the home and soon, Harmony showed up. She said she would be relaying messages for Cyrus and she explained to Jordan that the police commissioner was going to have to the mobster's bidding if she wants TJ to stay safe.

Harmony also cautioned that Cyrus has an extensive network. The insinuation was that Cyrus will be able to keep close tabs on what Jordan does, and it sounds as if there may be additional, surprising allies of his yet to be revealed. Harmony gave Jordan a burner phone and the police commissioner demanded that she be given daily updates showing that TJ is okay.

SheKnows Soaps teases that Jordan will be scrambling in the days ahead. She'll need to try to get Sam to back off next week, and this seems likely to be referencing her son. Sam had promised Molly she would figure out where TJ is, but Jordan obviously can't have the private investigator digging around in this.

Jordan will be feeling increased pressure as the coming week progresses, and she'll surely face this from all sides. She is keeping Curtis in the dark, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he'll be quite aware of the fact that his wife seems to be hiding something. At some point, he is sure to either figure it out or convince her to tell him what's going on, and that will likely cause some strife in this marriage.

How long will the people working for Cyrus hold TJ? Spoilers signal that this will play out for at least a couple of weeks. During the week of March 23, Jordan will seemingly intentionally mislead Sam, and Curtis is going to be pushing for answers that week, too.

What will Cyrus have Harmony tell Jordan to do and how long will it take for someone else to figure out that she's now compromised? General Hospital spoilers tease that this is going to really shake things up across Port Charles, and viewers will be curious to see just how wild this storyline gets.