‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Cautions Willow As She Prepares To Reconnect With Harmony

Friday’s episode of General Hospital should be intriguing, as spoilers suggest that viewers will see some interesting developments coming together regarding Willow. She’s still trying to move forward after the baby bombshell dropped, and now it looks like she’ll reconnect with her mother Harmony.

The trailer for the March 13 show – shared via the show’s Twitter account – indicates that Chase and Willow will end up having a conversation about Harmony. It sounds as if Willow is making plans to see Harmony, which would seemingly be the first time that’s happened since the revelation about Wiley.

General Hospital previews detail that Chase will be a bit hesitant about this. He’ll tell Willow that he hopes Harmony lives up to the expectations she has of her mother.

Fans know that Harmony and Willow have had a very challenging relationship over the past few years, mostly because of everything that happened with Dawn of Day. They were able to put much of that behind them and reunite, but this Wiley heartbreak might reopen some of the old wounds.

In the clip, Willow looks reflective as she listens to Chase caution her about Harmony. According to SheKnows Soaps, Willow will start opening up to some extent during Friday’s show. Based on the sneak peek for this episode, it seems likely that this will happen during her discussion with Chase.

It’s entirely possible that this talk between Chase and Willow will appear fairly simple on its surface. Ultimately, however, it does seem likely that this is another hint that a long-rumored bombshell is about to explode.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted in the past that Willow may ultimately turn out to be Nina’s long-lost biological daughter. That possibility seemed to evaporate for a while, but in the past week or two, signs and hints about it being true have started to emerge again.

It would be a little odd for the show to tackle more than one surprise biological connection at the same time, but that does appear to be where the writers are headed. Curtis and Portia ran into one another for the first time in many years at Taggert’s memorial earlier this week, and they were both clearly rattled by the encounter. It looks fairly certain that it will soon be revealed that Trina is Curtis’ daughter and that this information has been hidden from him all this time.

Granted, it’s also possible that the writers are just toying with viewers on at least one of these storylines, knowing what fans have been speculating. Friday’s episode should bring some sense of what’s coming up with Willow and Harmony. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are probably some rocky moments on the way.

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