‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest That The Nina & Willow Connection Storyline May Be Revived Soon

General Hospital spoilers hint that the show may be ready to come back around to the idea that Willow Tait will turn out to be Nina Reeves’ biological daughter. This theory has been floating around for quite some time now, but in recent months, it seemed to have been dropped. After Friday’s show, it looks as if the writers may have decided that now is the time to proceed with this.

After a trip overseas, Nina breezed back into the Crimson offices during Friday’s show. She quickly reunited with Jax, and he eventually mentioned the baby-swap bombshell that had been dropped during her absence.

As viewers know, Nina and Willow have never gotten along well. Despite all of that drama, Nina did voice sympathy for Willow in having to deal with learning both that Wiley wasn’t her biological son and the revelation that her biological son died months ago. Nina may not care for Willow, but she does have a fairly good understanding of what Willow is dealing with right now.

After Jax left, Nina pulled out a box that contains the half-heart necklace. As fans will remember, the story with the necklace is that Nina’s biological daughter was given the other half, and fans have been waiting to see that piece of jewelry pop up around Willow’s neck at some point.

That hasn’t happened yet, but fans couldn’t ignore how Nina talked about Willow, and then she pulled out the necklace. Is General Hospital finally going to get back to this storyline of making the two mother-and-daughter? Fans suspect that’s the case.

Even if that is the plan, General Hospital spoilers suggest that this revelation may take a while before it emerges. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Willow will continue to struggle with these Wiley developments, and not much about Nina is detailed at the moment.

“Oh, Nina talks about feeling bad for Willow and then looks at the heart necklace,” noted one General Hospital fan on Twitter.

“Remember when willow was possibly ninas child? I wonder if they’re ever gonna pick that storyline up,” pondered another GH viewer.

On the one hand, finding out that Harmony/Lorraine isn’t really her mother would be another burden on an already shaken Willow. On the other hand, addressing this now while there’s an obvious way for Nina and Willow to connect over somewhat similar losses could make this the perfect time to round back to this possible storyline.

For now, fans will have to keep watching to see if the writers drop more hints that they’re ready to pick this storyline up again. Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon if the teasers from Friday’s show are really paving the way to something substantial coming for Nina and Willow soon.

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