Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Reportedly Still ‘Much Loved’ Inside The Royal Family

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have wrapped up their last official duties as members of the royal family, a source close to the family says the queen has no ill will against the couple. According to People, the couple was invited to church on Sunday, March 8, by Queen Elizabeth as a gesture of good faith.

According to a friend, Meghan, Harry, and Archie remain “much loved members of the family.”

“That stuff runs deep. There is an element of working things through,” the friend continued.

One source told People that asking the couple to join her was meant to communicate the queen’s belief that Harry’s family was still part of her family.

“It was a really sweet gesture that the Queen asked them to church. It’s telling in the sense that these two are still her family. And as a family, they all love each other,” the source said.

For the service, Meghan wore a fascinator and emerald earrings, and Harry was in a matching suit and tie.

In addition to saying a proper goodbye to the family, Harry and Meghan also made sure to meet with the various charities and causes they’d supported during their time as royals. The couple had one-such meeting with members of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. As the organizations prepare for the couple’s departure, People reports that each of them still feels a lot of goodwill toward Harry and Meghan.

“Everybody’s really reassured, as the couple have gone out of their way to let everyone know that they aren’t abandoning anyone,” one source told the magazine.

As the Sussexes said their final round of goodbyes and completed their duties in the U.K., they’ve also been working through negotiations with the queen and the rest of the royal family about the details of their departure.

Initially, there was reportedly quite a bit of hurt because the couple released the statement announcing their decision to leave without running it by the royals first. One source told People, though, that the family has tried to work with the couple to make the process of their separation as collaborative and kind as possible.

Harry and Meghan’s final public appearance as members of the royal family was on Monday, when the couple attended Commonwealth Day alongside the queen as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton. They’ve since returned to Canada to begin their life as a financially independent couple.

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