Loni Love Responds To New Allegations That She Got Tamar Braxton Fired From 'The Real'

Loni Love is addressing the new rumors concerning ex-The Real co-star Tamar Braxton.

The comedian and talk show host sat down with Madame Noire and addressed several topics that have put her in the headlines. One of the first topics that Love addressed was the subject of Braxton.

The "Love and War" songstress was one of the original hosts when the daytime show first aired in 2014. Braxton was then cut from the show in 2016.

Following Braxton's exit, Love has been accused on multiple occasions of getting her former friend fired from the show. Love has always denied the claims, but they were brought back into the forefront earlier this year.

Comedian Cookie Hull sat down for an interview with YouTube channel Comedy Hype in February and discussed Braxton's firing. Hull, who says she is friends with Love, claimed that Love personally called her and said she would be trying to get Braxton axed from The Real. Hull claimed that Love wanted Braxton off the show because she wanted to be the only "ghetto girl" on the show's panel.

Love said that not only are the rumors against her false, but the wording she was accused of using is out of character. While she will further explain in her upcoming book, I Tried To Change So You Don't Have To, she did confirm that there's no truth to Hull's remarks. She said not only would she refer to herself as "ghetto," she wouldn't describe Braxton that way either. She also said that, in regards to Hull, she learned how to better navigate both her professional and personal relationships through Hull's remarks in her video.

"I might say that we believe in the power of being ourselves. But ghetto girl?! I would never do that. And also, there's a lesson in this. When you try to help people, you have to watch who you help. I've never been against any Black woman. My fans know that. That's the reason why I wrote this book. When you read the book, you will see. I've been trying to get the truth out for years. But here, we dealing with this reality show type [mentality]. I do address that in my book."

The Source reports that Braxton has addressed her firing and Love's involvement in the past. She has shared on social media that she found letters from Love to the show's producers demanding that she leave the show. Love has denied Braxton's claims and has even extended an invite to Braxton on The Real to address their issues.