Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Battle Jedi Style For Title Of 'Biggest Star Wars Fan In The World'! [Video]

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have started a fight that originated in a galaxy far, far away, but thankfully was filmed for us to enjoy. They had decided to prove which of them is the biggest Star Wars fan in the only way fitting enough for video.

They're fighting Jedi style!

Just like the classic Jedi kitten video which brought the Star Wars fighting to an epic level of cuteness, the late night hosts are using the Force to beat each other down. Most of us have to settle for a simple discussion about who shot first (Han Solo or Greedo?).

This could be a stunt to outshine the current late night hosts, but for a Jedi battle, we certainly don't mind watching.

The video begins with Stephen Colbert reading an email about something Star Wars related that gets him seriously excited, and he calls Jon Stewart to spread the word. They both end up elated at the news about a part in the new sequel, Star Wars Episode 7.

When Stewart tells him he's the "biggest Star Wars fan in the world," the tension begins. Colbert questions his statement right away, and when Stewart says there's only one way to settle it, Colbert announces a knife fight.

They eventually settle on a trivia contest, and Colbert tells Stewart he'll be right over.

The Darth Vader theme starts playing in the background as they prepare for battle. Colbert arrives in Stewart's office to find the rival talk show host dressed in a Jedi robe and facing away from the door. Stewart turns to greet him with a toy light saber and raises it.

Colbert asks, "Jon, what are you doing?"

Stewart replies with the classic Obi Wan line, "If you strike me down, Stephen, I'll become more powerful than you could ever imagine."

The battle begins as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart start passing the light saber back and forth as though using the Force. It ends after an epic fake-out and the classic exchange between Han Solo and Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back.

What did you think about the late night hosts fighting for the title of the "biggest Star Wars fan ever"?

[image via YouTube]