‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest That Trina & Curtis Are In For A Big Surprise After All

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

After months of hints, General Hospital spoilers tease that Trina and Curtis may be facing an awkward realization quite soon. For the past couple of months, it had seemed as if writers had perhaps dropped what seemed to be a storyline engineered to make Curtis the actual biological father to Trina. Now, it looks as if that might be happening after all.

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, people in Port Charles gathered at the Floating Rib for a memorial honoring Taggert. Laura encouraged Curtis to go, but Trina wasted little time in making it clear to him she did not appreciate his presence. Trina blames Curtis for her father’s death, and he admitted he’s been blaming himself too.

Some fans speculated that this tense encounter might be yet another hint that there’s a secret biological connection between Trina and Curtis. This father-daughter theory has been floating around for months now, ever since it was revealed that a DNA test done for Aunt Stella had signaled a biological match with someone in Port Charles.

Not long after that development with Aunt Stella, Trina mentioned to her friends that she had done a similar DNA test for a school project. She also matched with someone in town, but neither of them pursued additional information at the time. Soon after that, Curtis and Trina had an encounter that sparked a lot of speculation among viewers that they would ultimately end up being father-and-daughter.

Recently, however, Taggert returned to Port Charles and surprised his daughter Trina with his return. That connection raised some eyebrows among viewers, but not everybody was convinced this possible Curtis biological tie was truly dismissed. In fact, plenty of General Hospital viewers suspected that the tension between Curtis and Taggert virtually guaranteed that there was more on the horizon.

Tuesday’s show finally provided what appeared to be the missing link to this mystery. For the first time that viewers have seen, Curtis and Trina’s mom Portia crossed paths. It turns out that they were quite surprised to see one another, as both acknowledged they had known one another years ago.

Portia looked rattled to see Curtis there, and he appeared to immediately start piecing the possibilities together. Jordan was keeping a close eye on all of this as well, and spoilers tease that there’s much more to come with this.

Curtis asked Portia how long it had been since they had last seen one another, but neither of them revealed specifics on this front. Many General Hospital fans are guessing it’s probably been about 17 years, give or take, since Portia and Curtis were last involved.

This encounter during Tuesday’s show does seem to make it pretty obvious that the writers are going to connect Trina and Curtis after all, but the timeline on moving this forward isn’t known yet. SheKnows Soaps notes that Aunt Stella will be popping up during Thursday’s show, and that may spark a bit of progress on this front.

If fans are right and Curtis is about to learn that Portia gave birth to their daughter Trina and hid that from them as well as Taggert, things are about to get messy. Additional General Hospital spoilers about this bombshell should emerge in the days ahead, and fans cannot wait to see where this heads.