'General Hospital' Generates Buzz As Trina Meets With Curtis & Fans Speculate About A Biological Connection

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital seemed to include a bit of foreshadowing about an upcoming development involving Trina. Viewers learned recently that she had discovered she had a biological tie to someone in Port Charles that had previously been unknown to her. Now, spoilers tease that the show may soon explore this more deeply.

Months ago, Aunt Stella learned that she had a biological relative in Port Charles that she had not known about. Even then, many General Hospital viewers speculated that Trina would end up related to Stella. Nothing more came of that for a while, but then Trina also happened to mention a similar discovery not long ago. Once again, theories that perhaps Trina was Curtis' daughter or something of that nature started to swirl around social media.

During this most recent episode, Trina interacted with Curtis for a bit. Some General Hospital viewers may have noticed a recent look he gave as he watched her walk by, perhaps an air of familiarity. Then after the incident at Ava's gallery, Curtis tracked Trina down and sat with her to pump her for information.

As soon as Curtis and Trina started talking, fans took to Twitter to speculate that this was a heavy hint from the General Hospital writers that these two would soon learn they are father-and-daughter. Some folks seem to think this would be too predictable and a boring outcome while others are excited to see it happen.

"Ooooh, I *love* these Curtis/Trina scenes!" tweeted one fan as Tuesday's show aired.

"I'm here for #Trina sassy mouthing #Curtis... definitely his daughter," wrote another viewer.

Making Trina a daughter whom Curtis never knew existed seems the most likely route for the writers to take. After this latest episode showing the two characters together, many would say that the hints aren't necessarily that subtle.

However, some people have floated another possibility that they're not giving up on yet.

Years ago, Nikolas was in love with a character named Gia Campbell. There are viewers who think that Trina would be the perfect surprise daughter from that relationship whom Nik never knew about due to Gia's heartbreak and leaving Port Charles.

"Nikolas has turned into a dummy. And Trina's interaction with him did give me Gia vibes. Hopefully they're smart enough to go there," detailed one speculative viewer.

"I think I'm jumping on the Gia/Nik/Trina train," admitted someone else.

The fact that Gia and Laura had a rather extensive conversation about Nikolas during Monday's show has added some fuel to the fire for this avenue of speculation. No matter which family it is that ends up biologically connected to Trina in the weeks ahead, General Hospital fans are excited to see more of the character.

Coming onto a soap as a new character or a recast is a tough position to be in, and General Hospital viewers tend to be especially critical of newcomers. In the case of young actress Sydney Mikayla, though, it seems virtually unanimous that fans love the actress and the character, and they want to see a lot more.

Who will Trina end up related to, and will fans be surprised? How soon will answers be revealed on this front? General Hospital spoilers should start teasing additional tidbits soon and fans will be anxious to see even more of actress Sydney Mikayla.