Spoilers For ‘General Hospital: Alexis & Neil’s Romantic Night Together Could Lead To Big Trouble

Michael YadaABC

After months of flirting and awkward encounters, Alexis Davis and Dr. Neil Byrne finally gave in to temptation and hit the sheets on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that viewers will get to see more during Tuesday’s show, but it seems that this romantic night together could lead to problems in more ways than one.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shared via Twitter shares a glimpse into what comes next for Alexis and Neil. They’ll still be in her hotel room, seemingly the morning after they got frisky overnight. He is finishing getting dressed while she is in a robe, and they seem to be talking about the hearing they’re scheduled to attend.

As fans know, Alexis and Neil are in New York City for the hearing he is facing regarding his license. Someone went to the licensing board and alerted them to the pair’s involvement and now they are fighting to keep him from losing his career.

It seems that Neil will consider just being honest about the situation with Alexis in the hearing. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will quickly react to this possibility and remind him of what the outcome could be if the board learns of their evening together.

Not only does this upcoming hearing have the potential to disrupt this blossoming romance, but it also seems that someone is keeping an eye on these two. When Neil and Alexis started kissing in the open doorway of her hotel room, there was a brief moment showing the couple from a different, somewhat awkward angle. It seems that this was done to suggest that another person was around the corner spying on the two.

Who would be watching Neil and Alexis? Is there a chance that this is someone trying to nudge them together with good intentions rather than from a place of sabotaging them? Spoilers haven’t revealed anything definitive on this front yet, but there are a few possibilities and it seems likely that nothing good will come of this.

Given the timing of when Neil initially got into trouble, some fans speculated that it was someone with Dawn of Day who was trying to take the couple down. If Kendra hadn’t died in the accident that happened last November, she’d be a good guess for this, but it doesn’t seem as if there was any wiggle room for her to still be alive.

It also seems possible that an individual from Neil’s past could be behind this. Little is known about his former partner, but he does supposedly have a daughter who died after being involved in a cult similar to Dawn of Day. Could a not-so-dead daughter or perhaps her mother be involved in this?

It’s not all that clear what’s next for Alexis and Neil, but SheKnows Soaps does share a few General Hospital spoilers — Neil is interrupted during Tuesday’s show and stunned in some way on Wednesday. Beyond that, it appears that fans will be left hanging for now, but more scoop should be emerging soon.