March 11, 2020
Dr. Oz Wears Jenna Bush Hager's Dress For 'Flip The Switch' Challenge

Jenna Bush Hager and Dr. Mehmet Oz teamed up to take part in a viral TikTok challenge. Dr. Oz was on The Today Show on Monday, March 9, to talk about a serious issue: COVID-19 and some precautions that everyone can take to avoid spreading the deadly novel coronavirus. However, the health expert also had a little fun with one of the show's hosts.

In a short TikTok clip also shared on the official Instagram page for Today With Hoda & Jenna, Dr. Oz and Jenna were shown together in a small room somewhere backstage. The doctor was in the foreground holding up a phone to film a mirror selfie video. He was wearing a dark blue tailored suit, light blue dress shirt, and black dress shoes.

Jenna was in the background, sporting a vibrant red maxi dress with a tight, sleeveless bodice and an A-line skirt. The garment featured a single pink wavy stripe near the bottom. On her feet were a pair of gold high-heeled sandals.

Jenna was dancing around as the beginning of the Drake song "Nonstop" played. Right after the rapper said the words "I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped)," the lights flicked off. When they came back on, Jenna and Dr. Oz hadn't just switched positions; they had also switched outfits.

Jenna was wearing Dr. Oz's suit, and Dr. Oz was sporting Jenna's dress. He didn't try to squeeze his feet into her heels, however; he kept his black dress socks and shoes on. The video ended with Dr. Oz dancing like Jenna by waving his arms around in the air.

After Jenna and Hoda played the video for their viewers, Jenna revealed that Dr. Oz had no problem fitting into her dress.

"The best thing is, and maybe the worst, depending on who you're asking: my dress fit him," Jenna said. "It fit him. It's actually a little big in the b**bs, but I'm pretty sure it zipped up on Dr. Oz, and his suit felt really comfortable, too."

Jenna said that Dr. Oz did have one qualm about switching clothes with her. She revealed that he wanted to use a blow dryer on his shirt before she put it on. She motioned at her armpit area, indicating that the doctor was concerned that Jenna was going to end up getting his sweat on her. However, she told him not to worry about it.

Hoda found the TikTok video absolutely hilarious, and she called Dr. Oz "nuts" and "crazy" for taking part in the challenge with Jenna.

"I can't believe you did that," Hoda said to her co-host.

Jenna and Dr. Oz aren't the only entertainers who have taken part in the "Flip the Switch" challenge. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alex Rodriguez danced around in one of fiancee Jennifer Lopez's dresses to create a similar video.