WWE News: Matt Hardy Shares Details On Potential 'NXT' Stable Storyline

Matt Hardy's WWE contract expired last week and he chose to leave the company over creative differences. However, there were rumors of the veteran superstar almost signing another deal and joining the NXT roster, and, as it turns out, they weren't unsubstantiated speculation after all.

During a recent interview with PWInsider, by the way of Ringside News, Hardy revealed that he was offered the opportunity to join the black and gold brand. The plan was for him to reprise his "Broken" character and lead a faction of followers.

The superstar said that Triple H agreed with his vision but it didn't work in the end. Hardy left the company because he wants to make the most of the remaining careers of his career, but he also revealed that he was grateful to "The Game" and appreciated everything he wanted to do for him.

Hardy also said that he wanted to stay in WWE, but they seemed to have different ideas for how he should be used. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the veteran superstar believes that he's outgrown the company and he felt that Vince McMahon didn't understand his character.

"Vince didn't understand the whole idea behind the 'Broken.' persona. This is a supernatural character, but one that also broke the fourth wall and winked at the fans. I don't think Vince fully comprehended that."
NXT has a tendency to let superstars have more input over their characters and promos. However, the brand hasn't hosted a character who's as outlandish as Hardy's "Broken" gimmick in the past, as the show's product tends to be wrestling-centric and serious. While NXT seems like the most obvious brand for allowing him to cut loose, it's also difficult to imagine him fitting in there as that character.

However, at the time of this writing, it's unknown where he'll end up. NXT doesn't seem like his likeliest destination at this point, but until he officially joins another company, it's still possible for both parties to come to an agreement. Hardy and Hardy did seem keen on the stable storyline, and the "Broken One" seems to be keeping his options open.

Of course, the belief is that Hardy will join All Elite Wrestling. in the coming weeks. He's already appeared in a video with The Young Bucks since leaving WWE, and that appears to have been building towards a storyline involving his "Broken" character. Furthermore, AEW also allows superstars to compete elsewhere, and Hardy seems keen on having that kind of freedom.