WWE Rumors: Big Update On Matt Hardy Possibly Signing New Deal, Moving To Another Brand

When it comes to superstars signing new deals with WWE, all of the backstage news isn’t always shared with the public. Many fans have been wondering why Matt Hardy has been treated so poorly over the last year, some feeling as if he’s as good as gone once his deal expires. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but rumors are swirling stating that not only is he signing a new contract, but he’ll be swapping brands as well.

Fans who have been watching Monday Night Raw over the last few weeks have seen Hardy being absolutely decimated by Randy Orton. Hardy appeared to really sell the vicious attacks, ending up in a “Chair of Wheels” as shown by recent pictures on his Twitter account.

Hardy’s current contract with WWE is reportedly going to expire as of March 1, 2020, and social media has lit up with rumors of him going to AEW. Some fans even believe that Hardy has been dropping hints that he’s going to sign with AEW on his Twitter account.

According to PW Insider Elite, by way of Ringside News, there are still discussions taking place between Hardy and WWE. If they can come to an agreement on a new deal soon, rumor has it that the “Broken/Woken One” will be switching brands — from red to yellow.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider states that he is of the belief that Hardy will stay with WWE and sign a new deal with them. Johnson says that nothing is confirmed as of this time, but that he doesn’t think Hardy is going anywhere.

“I know that WWE has made a lot of overtures to him in the last could of weeks. There’s been some talk of him working in the NXT system somehow. My gut feeling is that Matt Hardy will probably stay.”

Johnson’s theory is an interesting one, as it could bring about a whole new start for Hardy in WWE. If Hardy ends up signing a new deal and moving over to NXT, it might mean that he received the creative freedom he’s been seeking — and could end up “Broken” or “Woken” on the yellow brand.

Jeff Hardy is still under contract with WWE and his contract originally should have run out at the same time as his brother’s, but that’s no longer the case. Given that he’s missed time due of injuries — and other issues — time has been added onto Jeff’s deal. That state of affairs could also play a major part in Matt wanting to re-sign with WWE, especially if he ends up getting more creative freedom over his character in a move to NXT.

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