WWE News: Shayna Baszler Furiously Addresses Reported Backstage Criticism


As The Inquisitr reported over the weekend, Shayna Baszler’s planned push is currently in doubt as Vince McMahon supposedly wasn’t pleased with her match on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. The former two-time NXT Women’s Champion is the favorite to win Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match that will enable her to face Becky Lynch for her title at WrestleMania 36. However, those plans may have changed if the recent backstage rumors are true.

Baszler, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to be worried about the alleged backstage criticism over her recent performance against Kairi Sane. The superstar took to Twitter and lashed out at her naysayers with a tweet which states how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, and even suggested that she’s capable of beating anyone.

“Let me ask you something as you peruse Twitter. If anyone of any worth wasn’t a fan of mine, would I care? Could they REALLY stop me from winning if I REALLY want to? Pay attention……”

It’s unlikely that the superstar was criticizing WWE officials since that wouldn’t help her case if there is heat on her. However, she does appear to be lashing out at some people on social media who have probably shared their own negative opinions about her work.

However, given that she’s a heel, it’s entirely possible that Baszler’s recent social media outburst was in-character. As noted by PWMania, she’s been using Twitter to troll Lynch recently, so perhaps this was another storyline moment for “The Queen of Spades.”

Baszler was dominant during her time on the black and gold brand, but the main roster is a different story. Several NXT stars have been known to flounder on the main roster because McMahon doesn’t warm to them immediately, and in some cases, they’re even sent back to their old brand to have their careers rejuvenated. This was the case with Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano, and Tommaso Ciampa.

Baszler is still technically a member of the NXT roster, but she’s expected to make the leap to Monday Night Raw full-time during WrestleMania season and dethrone Lynch, as “The Man” is reportedly set to take some time off in the coming months.

It remains to be seen if WWE will press ahead with pushing Baszler and it’s unknown if the rumors are even legitimate. However, tomorrow’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view results will provide a clearer insight into what the company’s plans are for the superstar heading into WrestleMania 36.