Mark Ruffalo Confirms He’s Talked About Appearing In ‘She-Hulk’

One of the bigger stars of the MCU could be coming to the small screen and Disney Plus. Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk for almost every version of the character in the revamped Marvel Cinematic Universe, could help kick off a brand new character next year.

Casting has begun for the upcoming series, She-Hulk, which will air on Disney Plus. Along with looking for new talent, it seems the show-runners are looking to add some well-known actors to the show as well, at least for a limited run. Last week, rumors began that Ruffalo might bring the new and improved Hulk — who has the brute strength of the Hulk and the brains of Bruce Banner — to She-Hulk. The actor confirmed over the weekend he had talked with representatives of the show. posted a video on Twitter of an appearance Ruffalo made at the 2020 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo where he answered a series of questions. Some were more serious than others, but he did seem sincere when he said he could be appearing in She-Hulk. He did add the caveat that talks are very preliminary at the moment.

The porting of Bruce Banner/The Hulk from the Avengers movies to the Disney Plus series certainly makes sense. Banner plays a very big role in the origin story of She-Hulk in the Marvel comics. The hero’s alter ego, Jennifer Walters, gains her powers after she receives a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce. It would appear the show-runners would at least like to mimic that origin story on the small screen.

The news that Ruffalo could be at least guest-starring on the series comes just a few days after MCU fans found out who She-Hulk show-runners want to fill the titular role. A recent casting call listed an “Alison Brie” type actor, which in turn led to the real Alison Brie being asked about whether or not she’d been contacted to star in the series.

So far, Brie has played coy, jokingly hinting she’s got the job, but not really confirming or denying if she’s been cast. In fact, Ruffalo has so far been the only potential cast member who has confirmed they’ve been contacted about appearing on the Disney Plus series.

As ComicBookMovie points out, not including the Hulk in She-Hulk would be a disappointment for Marvel fans, considering just how pivotal his role is in creating She-Hulk. Banner’s role in the upcoming series will likely be a small one if he’s included, however, as show-runners will most likely want to keep the focus off Ruffalo and on the star of the show.

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